Old Harbor Inn - South Haven, MI, 49090, United States

A Royal Racing Experience

2015 Queen's Cup

June 27, 2015

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"When you put together a big northeast blow, a southeasterly course and the Queen's Cup . . . You get 170 boats rocketing off the line in a succession of tight echelons, shoulder-to-shoulder on a white-knuckle blast reach, rails in the water, leaping forward from angry white rooster tails like bats out of hell.

"Yes, the 2015 event was one of the fastest, most exciting on record. Most of the fleet finished in South Haven well before dawn. The finish climaxed three great days ashore, the apex being the Queen's Cup Party. On the other side, South Haven Yacht Club went all out to welcome the racers."

- ssyc.org (South Shore Yacht Club)

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To accommodate the boaters who made the trek across Big Blue, South Haven's Municipal Marinas were packed tight with sailboats from all over the Great Lakes. Once all the slips were full, the captains began to raft of one another's vessels, making a floating penisula of boats in the Black River's basins.

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With the help of Marina Staff and a fleet of guide boats, what looked like a chaotic cluster of sailboats was actually a well-choreographed dance of boats slipping in and out of the harbor.

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