• Rainy Day Fun
  • Rainy Day Fun

While it's a great notion that it's always sunny in West Michigan, sometimes, the truth hits hard. And it's cold, and wet. So what do you do then? Since it's Michigan, you just wait a little while and it should all blow over! So while you wait for the sun to come back out, take in a movie, paint a picture, or learn about South Haven's roots as a tourist community.

  • Lakeside Entertainment - Grab a pizza, lace up your shoes, and strike out! With 16 lanes and a full restaurant, this is a great stop on your rainy day tour.
    • 09921 Blue Star Highway | (269) 637-6500
  • Michigan Theater - Nothing better than popcorn, a fizzy drink, and the latest blockbuster on a rainy day!
    • 210 Center Street | (269) 637-1662

Rainy Day Fun
  • Tipsy Brush Studios - Offering both open-studio times and instructor-led painting classes in a group setting, Tipsy Brush is a great way to spend a few hours of unexpected weather. Connected to Channel Wine Bar, you'll also be able to sip a little vino during your foray into the art world.
    • 515 Williams St | (616) 724-7913

Rainy Day Fun
  • Michigan Maritime Museum - Experience Michigan's rich maritime history with a trip to the Maritime Musuem. You'll find vessels you can board and explore, exhibits sharing the stories of the area's long and sometimes tragic past with the Great Lake, and a great giftshop to explore.
    •  260 Dyckman Ave | (269) 637-8078

Rainy Day Fun
  • South Haven Center for the Arts - SHCA hosts many exhibits throughout the year. You'll find plenty of local artists' works, as well as the occasional art world star's pieces on view. In the winter months, you'll find the Misteltoe Market at the Center as well. Check in for fun, unique classes for the kids as well!
    • 600 Phoenix St | (269) 637-1041

Rainy Day Fun
  • Historical Association of South Haven - Dedicated to preserving South Haven's history, HASH provides you with a insight into what made South Haven the destination it is today.
    • 355 Hubbard Street | (269) 637-6424

  • Liberty Hyde Bailey - "The Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum is located in the birthplace and childhood home of America’s “Father of Modern Horticulture” and a founder of the “New Agrarian” philosophy, Liberty Hyde Bailey, Jr. We are a museum, National Historic Site, educational outreach center, and culture hub in the small town of South Haven, Michigan. We welcome you, your friends, and your family to come and investigate one of history’s most interesting people. Feel free to join us for events throughout the year."
    • 903 South Bailey | (269) 637-3251